Thursday, February 23, 2017

OET, The Organelle Escape Theory

The Organelle Escape Theory is published here for the first time internationally. It was first published in Norwegian in Universitetsavisa. It is one of four possible sequences for the origins of eukaryotes, organelles and bacteria, as mentioned in my earlier blog post. There are many observations that have been used in support of the endosymbiosis theory. Most of them are based on similarities between organelles and bacteria. But there is no easy way to see direction from similarities, so based on similarities my theory is in fact supported equally with Margulis’ theory. The endosymbiosis theory has been interpreted to mean the occurrence of several events that were very improbable and occurred just once in history. But endosymbiosis is observed even today. That is in line with my theory, as it is fundamental in the theory that bacteria are commuting organelles that became more and more autonomous until they could survive without a host. In a few cases the process is not completed, however. E.g. some types of Rickettsia are still commuting organelles. But, as stated above, the theory is based upon missing evidence for the endosymbiosis theory as the only possibility.


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