Sunday, January 15, 2017

Richard Dawkins is creating confusion and misconceptions

The misconception that evolution is the same as adaptation was created by the "Modern Synthesis" committee. They posited that the mechanisms that control allele frequencies in a population are the same as the frequencies driving evolution of life, including speciation and creation of new features. Their theories were based almost exclusively on natural selection. Dawkins is presenting a theory in his books that is based only on selection, as he says that mutation rate should ideally be zero. Denis Noble is at odds with this theory, but his theory is no better. See my previous post for more information about the confusion that terminology is creating.


  1. I came to this blog after reading that "Dawkins was wrong..." Dawkins, unless he wrote something lately, has always stated what he thought was the most probable theory. That was not wrong, or right; it was his informed opinion, and he seemed humble enough in stating his "opinion".

  2. Thank you for stating how you came to this blog! I absolutely agree that Dawkins has always stated what he thought was the most probable theory. He is always humble enough to state his opinion. I like very much his humble way of presenting his opinion. But that does not mean that he is right. Because there are wrong and right theories, not just opinions. I am pleased to have your comment, but I would like it even more if you were non-anonymous.