Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This is a new blog intended for discussing various misconceptions in evolution theories. I started the blog because I saw so many claims that I found not in accordance with common sense. We can know for sure that there are misconceptions, because several theories contradict each other. If you have found this page by Googling or otherwise, then you are probably interested in evolution, and you probably also want to identify common misconceptions. You have probably already visited other blogs with the same theme, but if not, I will present a list of the blogs that I have found most interesting:
Of these, the one that I find most useful is Sandwalk. Larry Moran is doing a wonderful job with Sandwalk. If you by chance have not yet discovered what a treasure this is, then you should try it out. Larry has been active with this blog since 2006, and I hope he will be active for many years to come. Beware of this one:
The author believes that evolution is controlled by some teleological program, that is in mystical ways constructed by selection.

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